PolyCare floor cleaner is the safe effective cleaner for all polyurethane and water-base coated surfaces. Ideal for all polyurethane treated, factory pre-finished and laminated residential and commercial/ sports floors, as well as cabinets, furniture, railings, counters and woodwork. PolyCare is formulated to clean effectively, without leaving any soapy haze or residue on the floor. PolyCare has a unique detergent formula which cleans effectively without rinsing.

Directions for Use:

Always vacuum or sweep before cleaning your floor with PolyCare Floor Cleaner. Mix PolyCare Cleaner with warm water at a ratio of 2 ounces per gallon of water. We recommend using a good quality mop, or for large surfaces, several large cotton towels. When using a mop, make sure to ring it out so as not to flood surface with water. Damp mop only, rinsing as often as needed. When using towels, soak towels in the bucket of PolyCare solution. Make sure towels are thoroughly wet. Wring out towel to remove excess moisture until it is just damp. Wrap the towel around a broom and wipe the floor, using a back and forth motion with the grain of the wood until the floor is completely free of dirt.

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