I always discuss with my customer all the options and help him make the best choices. Sometimes, a floor with shallow scratches or a dull surface only needs a top coat of finish to bring our it's true beauty. Other times, whole boards need to be replaced. If the floor sags, or if floorboards are buckled or warped, then replacing then is in order. On every job I thoroughly inspect all cracks and gaps, and fill out all the unsightly ones before I sand. Me and my crew are highly skilled and experienced with the finer points of floor sanding. We always sand layer by layer, uniformly and completely, including edges, corners and other hard to reach places. Next we buff the floor using a fine abrasive screen to help tighten the wood grain before staining.

Staining and finishing are the culminating steps that really show all the wood's character. Applying finish is where you can easily see the high quality of our workmanship. We take extreme care to avoid drips and thick overlaps of finish, to cover all surfaces evenly, We also take great care to keep dust of any kind out of the finished coat. I use only the best Waterbased clear Trek+ finish with extra long 15 year residental wearwarranty - after 3 hours your floor is completely walkable.